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15 Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover in Your Life

15 gift ideas for cat lovers

Have a special cat lover in your life? Looking for the PURR-fect Christmas or holiday gift? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up fifteen awesome gift ideas for the cat enthusiast in your life - whether they be a cat mom, cat dad, or someone that just loves cats!

Great Gifts for a Cat Mom

Gift Ideas for the Cat mom


1. Cat Mom Sweatshirt

Every dedicated cat mom deserves to wear the title proudly. This “Cat Mom” sweatshirt is not only adorable, but it is also from a small shop on Etsy (which we always encourage supporting.)

2. Mug and Cat Socks - A Cozy Cat Mom Duo

This combo can be gifted together or separately. We just particularly enjoy the idea of a special cat mom curled up on the sofa with her cat wearing these socks and drinking tea out of this mug. Both of which will help her proclaim her title of “best cat mom ever”. while she’s snuggled up with these socks

3. Cat Purse

If you’re looking for something a bit more, in terms of price and statement, this Kate Spade cat tote is a fun gift!

4. Personalized Cat Portrait Necklace

A personalized cat portrait necklace allows any cat mom to wear their kitty friend close to their heart day in and day out.

5. Cat-Shaped Cheeseboard

Any cat mom who also enjoys hosting (when it’s safe) would love this cat-shaped cheeseboard. On second thought, any cat mom who also loves charcuterie boards would love this gift; hosting is optional.

For the Big Cat Daddy

Gift Ideas for the Cat Dad


1. Socks

What’s the best way to take your cat with you without actually having to take your cat from the house? These personalized cat socks! Unpersonalized cat socks are also an option - these awesome cat dad socks on Etsy are fun too!

2. Grooming Glove

A glooming glove is not only a practical gift for any cat dad but also one that his cat will also enjoy. This pair of grooming gloves from Chewy has great reviews!

3. Cat Dad T-Shirts

There are so many fun cat dad t-shirt to choose from, so you are sure to find something for the cat dad in your life. We really like this Catfather t-shirt, or if they are more into Star Wars, this Best Cat Dad in the Galaxy shirt is great too.

4. BBQ Apron

What cat dad doesn’t want a flying taco cat BBQ apron? We don’t know either…

5. Astronaut Cat Flask

We haven’t been going to many places in 2020, but when we can venture out again, this astronaut cat flask will get a lot of laughs when it gets pulled out.

Other Cat Lovers

Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover


Sometimes we have cat lovers in our lives that don’t fall into the cat mom or cat dog category, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great gift options for them. Whether the cat lover in your life is a student, allergic to cats (which is tragic), or just can’t have a pet where they live - we’ve got gift ideas for any cat lover.

1. Lamp

There are so many fun cat-shaped lamps on the market, but we can’t stop smiling at this simple, white cat lamp.

2. Stationary

Stationery can be useful for anyone, and any cat lover is to love these pieces. We would bundle together this Papier Curious Cats notebook, along with these cute memo tabbies, and a cat paws pencil case for the purrfect gift combo.

3. Pillow

A custom cat pillow would be great for any college student that misses the family kitty back home!

4. Mask

Since we are all wearing masks, we might as well make them fun, right? This cat tongue face mask is sure to get a smile out of the socially-distanced strangers at the grocery store.

5. Phone case

A custom illustrated cat phone case is a fun way to carry around your love for a cat. You can always personalize it for them with their favorite type of cat or even a picture of your cat!

If your looking for something for your cat, go check out our Pet Gift Guide!