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Julie Grounds

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Cute cat enjoying himself outdoors.

Cat Scratching: Why They Do It and What You Can Do About It

As a pet parent, there’s no doubt you’ve wondered why your cat scratches at the rugs and furniture. Rest assured, your kitty isn’t doing this because he or she is bad. In fact, quite the opposite....


Monsoon Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Arizona’s monsoon season is beginning soon, and it can be a scary time for pet owners and their furry companions. However, it doesn’t have to be! By making sure that you are both informed and...

keeping your pooch happy, healthy & out of the heat

Keeping Your Pooch Happy, Healthy, and Out of the Heat

This time of year, the rising temperatures can keep both you and your pet indoors more than usual. While you may use this time to binge watch Netflix or finish up those projects you never got around...


Is Doggy Daycare the Right Choice for Your Pet?

Doggy daycare has become very popular in recent years as a way to provide dogs with companionship and exercise while pet owners are away from home. If your favorite furball enjoys being social, the...

Kayak Sea Adventure

5 Important Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Water

When outdoor temperatures rise, many people take to the water--which for dog owners, often includes bringing your pupper. Although water can certainly be a great source of fun, it’s important that...

Is your dog overweight_

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Just because pudgy pooches might be common these days, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. According to a 2018 survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 56% of dogs in...


Heartworm Disease: What You Need to Know

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States, with infections on the rise. But what exactly is it and how does your pet get infected? Keep reading to...

How to keep your cat lose weight

How to Help Your Feline Friend Shed Unhealthy Weight and Keep it Off

While fat cats may be cute and common, those extra pounds are no laughing matter. According to a 2018 survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 60% of cats in the...


How to Clip your Cat's Nails

A set of sharp claws is a cat’s pride and joy, which is reason enough to keep them properly manicured. Not only does a quick trim protect you and your family from potential infections caused by...

CP_ Hiking Banner (1)

CBD Products for Dogs: What You Need to Know

CBD has become quite popular in treating various health issues in humans. But did you know that it can also provide health-boosting benefits to your dogs--especially those who suffer from chronic...

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