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New Year's Resolutions

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

New Years Resolutions are Going to the Dogs?Goals aren’t just for people any more –New Year’s Resolutions can be for you and your pet!  

Did you know that over 50 percent of pets in the US are classified as overweight? The New Year is a great time for you and your pet to start a new exercise routine. Try out our daycare and treadmill services so your pooch gets the daily activity they need!

Have you decided to start eating right for the New Year? Make sure your pet is eating only the best too! Central Pet is proud to carry a large selection of made in the USA, organic and natural foods that you won’t find at those big box pet stores. We can honestly say that we don’t carry anything we wouldn’t feed to our own pets! Perhaps your dog would appreciate some more bonding time with you outside of the home. Obedience and agility classes are a great way for you both to not only get in some quality bonding time but will help bring you closer as you learn new things together!

Possibly the most important resolution of them all may be to simply spend more quality time with your pets! Take that extra ten minutes out of your day to spend some time playing with your pet; it will remind you both how important and loved you are to one another!