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5 Subtle Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety? 5 Signs You Might Not Expect

Anxiety is tough on dogs, especially when owners don’t know the signs of stress in dogs. A dog will give off clues when it is feeling anxious so learning not only what the signs are but what your...

What to Expect at Central Pet's Doggy Daycare

What to Expect at Central Pet's Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare at Central Pet provides convenience and peace of mind for pet parents, and socialization and improved quality of life for pets themselves. Dogs who attend doggy daycare have less...

Is daycare the right choice for your dog?

Is Doggy Daycare the Right Choice for Your Pet?

Doggy daycare has become very popular in recent years as a way to provide dogs with companionship and exercise while pet owners are away from home. If your favorite furball enjoys being social, the...

Doggy Daycare is great for social enrichment in dogs

Minding Their Canine Manners: Doggy Daycare is Great Social Enrichment

Socialization with humans is an important part of ensuring your dog behaves around people, but what about other dogs? Knowing how to conduct themselves around other dogs is an important part of...