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Cute cat enjoying himself outdoors.

Cat Scratching: Why They Do It and What You Can Do About It

As a pet parent, there’s no doubt you’ve wondered why your cat scratches at the rugs and furniture. Rest assured, your kitty isn’t doing this because he or she is bad. In fact, quite the opposite....


How to Clip your Cat's Nails

A set of sharp claws is a cat’s pride and joy, which is reason enough to keep them properly manicured. Not only does a quick trim protect you and your family from potential infections caused by...

Ditch the itch

Ditch the Itch: Help Your Pet Handle Allergy Season in Arizona

When spring blows into Arizona, so do a slew of allergens--including ones that can be rough on our four-legged friends. Yes, it’s true! Seasonal allergies don’t just affect humans--your dog (or cat)...


7 Ways Your Pup Can Help Make Your Marriage Proposal Extra Memorable

You’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and now the time has come to propose. But how do you go about it? If you’re a dog lover, that’s easy--have your fur baby help you! It...


Paw Waxing for Pups

When you take your pet to the groomer, you expect to see certain services on the grooming menu – bathing, grooming, nail trim, flea and tick dips, teeth brushing, de-shedding, etc. At some grooming...