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CP_ Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Why a Raw Food Diet Might Be Best for Your Dog (and What You Need to Know Before Making the Switch)

It’s no secret that traditional pet food, whether it’s kibble or wet, is loaded with fillers. We’ve all heard about the by-products, vegetable protein, and grains such as wheat, rice or corn, and...


Easy Dog Treat Recipe: Apple Pie Pup-Cakes

Can Dogs Eat Apples? The simple answer is "YES!" There can be some confusion about whether or not to give your dog apples, but apples are a great crispy, healthy treat for your little fur-buddy. You...


Summer Snacks: Cool Frozen Treats to Help Your Doggie Beat the Heat

To us two-leggers, there’s nothing quite like a tasty frozen treat on a hot summer day. Well, your dog feels the same way. And it’s especially important since our pups don’t sweat the way we do. So...

10 Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog This Holiday Season

10 Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog This Holiday Season

We love our dogs! They are part of our family, so it’s only natural to have the urge to want to treat them to some of our holiday dinner. However, our dog's digestive systems work differently than...


Now at Central Pet: Acana Dog Food

Central Pet is proud to announce that we are now carrying the full line of ACANA dog foods! When it comes to caring for your pup, choosing the right food can be one of the most difficult and daunting...

Origen Cat and Dog Food in Tucson and Amado Arizona

Why Choose Orijen Pet Food?

As a responsible pet parent, you want to do the right thing for your dog or cat.  That's why picking the right food for your pet is so very important.  With the large variety of foods on the market,...